Ease your pain of Inventor ETO end-of-life transition with UnitCAD Rules Based Automation


Over the past year, since Autodesk announced the end of sale of Inventor ETO, many customers have expressed their desire to find an easy migration path out of Inventor ETO.

This desire basically consists of the following components:

  1. Ability to keep generating the outputs that the organization has grown used to
  2. Ability to maintain and/or augment the rules that have been defined after an excruciating process.
  3. Protection of investment in customization of Inventor ETO through Intent API, many times through the Parameter Editor custom UI.


UnitCAD offers an automation model similar to Inventor ETO but with a simpler rule definition interface.

  • Rules Driven Creation of CAD Models – assembly / drawing
  • Replaces Programming paradigm with
    • Database
    • Familiar Formula Language
    • Front end GUI


Here’s a short comparison of UnitCAD and Inventor ETO:


Inventor ETO


Rule Definition

Programming based approach.

Rule Editor Add-In or Visual Studio Projects

Graphical user interface for rule entry.

UnitCAD add-in

Rule Storage

*.iks files

Cloud Service / On-Prem Database

Rule Language

Intent Language

Excel like formula language

Custom UI

Intent API


Common Features

Model Browser, Entity Naming Editor, Various Rule Types, Dynamic Child Rules, Automatic File Management

Cloud Features

Configurator 360

Integration with Forge Design Automation API

Rules and Files stores on Cloud for collaboration


Cloud workflows

Through the integration with Forge APIs, UnitCAD already provides a future ready path for your cloud and web based workflows:



In summary, UnitCAD provides a clear path for transitioning from Inventor ETO. We have been a member of Autodesk Developer Network for close to 7 years now and had our first UnitCAD version listed on the Autodesk app store in 2012-13.

On customer request, we can also organize projects in collaboration with our implementation partners to undertake the work of conversion of Inventor ETO rules to equivalent UnitCAD rules.

Until next time, hoping for early ‘adoption’.