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Identity and Subscription Management for SaaS Apps.



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Identity Service

Identity Service
Hosted and White-Labelled OAuth2 identity service
1 - User sign-up/sign-in
2 - Client Credentials for tenant apps
3 - Third Party Identity Providers
4 - Two Factor Authentication
5 - Bot Framework integration

Subscription Management

Management Portals
Hosted and White-Labelled Portals
1 - Publisher Definition and Admin
   - Products and Tiers
   - Tenants and Reports
2 - Tenant Sign-Up and Self Admin
   - Account Creation - Buy and Try
   - User Management


Feature SaasMatter Octa / Auth0 ChargeBee
Identity as a Service
OAuth2identity service
jwt Tokens
Subscription Management
Subscription Management
Payment Gateway integration
Publisher Portal
TenantAdmin Portal